The main goal of the Chamber is to promote local business. | Benton County, MN

Chamber Members

Entries with Company Names starting with 'C'

Contact Person: Connie Cardinal
Phone: 320-968-7848
Community Program
Contact Person: Leslie LeCuyer
Phone: 320-968-4290
Arts Board
Contact Person: Sarah Brunn
Phone: 320.968.7260
City Government
Contact Person: Karen Eherenman
Phone: 320-968-6612
Public Library
Contact Person: Ryan Fradella
Phone: 320.968.7205
Grocery Store
Contact Person: Jodie Garceau
Phone: 320-258-2974
Rural Financing
Contact Person: Jennifer Folkema
Phone: 320-968-7012
Community Program
Contact Person: Katrina Scheele
Phone: 763-307-0718
Art and Oxygen Boutique